Essential Oils

Busy people working from home and working around the clock will enjoy the benefits of essential oils that can assist with getting a good nights sleep.


  • Refreshing morning, calm day and great night
  • Mess free, travel friendly, and perfect to carry with you
  • 100% natural and exclusively formulated
  • Oil roll On, Good Morning, Oil Roll On, Calm Essential Oil Roll On
  • Maintain your sleep routine on the go
  • Use at key times throughout the day to energise or relax
  • Use alongside our natural Drops for consistently better sleep

Essential Oil Roll – On Gift Card – Custom Made to Order

Essential Oil Roll On Kit contains all three 10ml Essential Oil Roll On Blends: Made from the perfect combination of mandarin, eucalyptus, lemongrass and lavender, this blend is a quick and simple way to help you restore and revive your energy. Calm – featuring aromas of mandarin, cedar wood, and lemon, Our Stress Relief Roll On will help you to stay calm and lift your spirits during testing times. At Night – With tones of lavender, camomile and sandalwood, is a wonderful sleep aid.

Make it part of your nightly routine to improve your overall sleep quality and to help you get the rest you need. Made with 100% natural ingredients – no synthetic fragrances, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Pocket-sized, pulse-point essential oil applicator with stainless steel roller ball presented in a full-colour folding gift card and individually packaged into sealed bags. These roll-on oil applicator bottles not only work as a light and delicate all-natural perfume for wrists, temples and neck, they also offer a range of aromatherapy benefits base on your choice of essential oil blend.

Each blend comes suspended in an all-natural carrier of cold-pressed almond oil. Branding includes the folding cards with full colour print on both sides, and a small label or pad print on the glass bottle.

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