Multifunctional Items

Multifunctional items that are a all-in-one device allows you to accomplish numerous tasks that would be impossible with a single device thereby offering convenience and great value for money.

People love promos that offer maximum utility and multifunctional items that fulfilled two or more purposes. All-in-one devices allow you to accomplish numerous tasks that would be impossible with other tools. A multifunctional tool means combining several individual functions in a single unit. Multitool the advantage of saving weight and space over a set of individual tools to perform the same functions. It is also called the all-in-one device.

3-in-1 Cooler Stool: Multifunctional Promo Products creates brand awareness. This product is perfect for picnics, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 3-in-1 bag. Unfold the steel frame to transform it into a chair and keep beverages inside the cooler bag to keep them cool all throughout the day.

Multifunctional gadgets you never knew you needed to make life easier, save space and save you time. Most importantly, your customers will appreciate a product that has more than one use and becomes a practical promotional product. If ‘less is more’, as they say, then what could be better than objects that serve two purposes, eliminating the need to buy two separate products. So, here’s the 8-in-1 keyring.

Multifunction items you should never travel without such as a neck pillow. Whether you are off to catch your flight or you have limited space in your suitcase. So, pack these practical, space-saving, multi-function items and you’ll always be prepared without the hassle of lugging around additional gear.

Multifunction items you should never travel without: such as a neck pillow. Whether you are about to catch a flight and you have limited space in your suitcase, or you are sitting on a train with a journey of a few hours. A neck pillow is a great idea. Pack these space-saving, multi-function items and you’ll always be prepared without the hassle of lugging around additional gear.

Sanitiser/Spray Pen

Here’s a 2-in-1 pen to get through the Covid-19 period, twist action ball point pen with translucent barrel and rubber grip. Just fill the liquid hand sanitiser to sanitise surfaces.

Multi-tool Keyring

6-in-1 Multi-Functional metal key ring with a knife, scissors, a bottle opener, a nail file and a mini ruler for those times when you can’t find the perfect tool.

BBQ Tool

The 5-in-1 BBQ tool will avoid you being caught without the essential tools bottle opener and BBQ tools again. The 5 in 1 BBQ Tool is an essential camping and outdoor gift this season. The practical product also has marinade brush and is a great way to kick off summer and entertaining outside at home.

Tape Measure

5 in 1 Compact Retractable Tape Measure with Notepad and Level. Tape measure with notepad and pencil for writing measurements or notes. Long. tape rule also holds a notepad, pencil and level. This multi-tool is compact easy to use for home projects or construction jobs, easily fits into your purse of fasten clip to pants and gadget lovers, do-it-yourself, men, women and handyman.

Multi-Function Light Up Pen

The Multi-Function Light Up Pen is definitely a must-have for people who love multipurpose products!This item is a pen, a stylus, and a LED light ball flashlight all in one great product! All beautifully enclosed in a chrome-plated pen body with a coloured cap. Great to use when trying to read or write in the dark or even when you are just trying to find something in the dark. Also a great writing tool to have.

Survival Stylus

Now, the world of technology won’t be the only environment you master. Beyond the stylus tip, this tool doubles as a ball-point pen and features a flashlight, compass, cell phone stand. and a small screw driver (it’s fitted with both Philips and standard screws). This is available in a range of multiple colours; Blue, Black and Gunmetal.

WorkMate Screwdriver Level Light Tool

This 3-in-1 tool makes a great leave-behind when calling on plant managers or manufacturing reps. This tool features a built-in level and pen light. It also works as a screwdriver and includes 4 screwdriver bits (2 flathead and 2 Phillips head), these are conveniently stored underneath the removable cap. Pocket clip for attaching to a pocket or belt. 3 button cell batteries includes.

Aluminium Allow Tool Kit

Aluminium alloy and chrome plated toolkit. Incluing: flashlight and multi-functional tool. Batteries included. Packaged in black gift box.

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