Shoe Clips and Night Exercise

Shoe Clips and Night Exercise can make it fun on a night run.

Outdoor visibility shoe clip with on/off power button for blinking or steady mode. Easily clips to the heel of your shoe when running, cycling or walking. ABS and silicone shoe clip, with a red LED light with 2 blinking functions, and an on/off button. Batteries included. Stay safe without losing functionality. Easy to use, just slap them on the back bottom of your shoes and press once to turn them on and twice to go to flashing mode. Great for all night outdoor activities. Perfect for keeping kids extra visible in the dark.

Our lightweight LED shoe lights clip to the back of your shoes. Pick between a stead or flashing light. You will be able to run in the early morning or night without worry about vehicles not seeing you. Forget about having to wear a bulky headlight or belt. Award winning design to boost your brand. Safety first in a fun way. Visto’s functional products protect cyclists, runners, walkers or anyone out in the dark using high visibility LED’s. Shoe clip with coloured steady or flashing LED lighting that ensures high visibility.

The LED shoe clip lights for when cycling at night are really effective. The design is quite simple. It’s a C-shaped band that clamps around the upper heel of your shoe, and It has a big button you push to turn on the LED. The LED itself goes all around the C so you’ve got a big area of your shoe lit up when they’re on. In terms of colours, red or green are the best colours to use for this. The new LED blinkers are if you go out late at night cycling, walking, or running. I can highly recommend them for your safety.

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