QR codes in Merchandise Branding

The QR code has come in as a perfect way to direct customers to your website. It also can include a call to action on your promotional gifts, this is one excellent way of adding digital content on them. Adding QR codes in Merchandise Branding to your marketing plan can be greatly beneficial. When a product is scanned, the QR code directly contacts your business – this is super convenient as it saves the recipients a few steps of getting your contacts and trying to make a call. Add some intriguing message in the code which will arouse the recipients interest in your brand and services.

QR codes in Merchandise Branding code is the black and white squares on the product swipes them over a scanner to get a serial number. The impact of Covid-19 has made customers comfortable with scanning technology for ease of use. The advantage and how you can make the most of the codes in your promotional merchandise is to integrate codes on any personalised products. There are numerous ways in which you can integrate QR codes in your promotional products efforts and allow it to interact with the customer.

Here are five practical ways to use QR codes in your promotional efforts:

  1. Allow trade show attendees to scan a QR code to be automatically entered into a draw with a chance to win the prize, and you’ve gained their contact information. This will also allow you to get their contact information which you can use further in your campaigns.
  2. QR codes in Merchandise Branding can be made into wearable products and allows your staff to be a billboard on apparel clothing, lanyards, temporary tattoos. Once the customer scans the QR code the have access to your special offers – you can use the codes to lead the prospects to exclusive promotions. This eliminates a step or two for customers and makes it easier for them to contact you.
  3. Once the promotional products are scanned, the code should lead the recipient to an auto-tweet or lead them to your brand’s official social media pages and ensure that you test the codes first before printing them. The other option is to link your code to your company’s Facebook or Twitter account to encourage interaction.
  4. Use them for a call to action signage for convenience of customers to scan into your venue with their phone. Create separate codes for special offers or awareness of your business. This allows you to target giveaways to corresponding offers and lets you track the popularity of each of the QR codes as it generates leads with recipients of the promotional products to a call to action page, which will stimulate them to try your products.
  5. Build your email subscription list by generating a QR that links to your subscription box. Try offering a valuable perk in exchange for the signup, like an additional discount or a free e-book.

Pull Banners:

During Covid-19 Pull up banners are a eye-catching marketing tool that allows patrons to generate QR code as they enter a venue. Scan the QR codes from the Pull up banners at the point of entry to a venue to make it easy for customers to sign in with their identity and promote your business at the same time.

Apparel As QR Code

Make it interactive and interesting. A QR code on a t-shirt helps you stand out from the crowd and goes directly back to your website. People often perceive it as ‘some barcode for official purpose’. However, creating a QR code that when scanned, brings up links to your Facebook and Twitter profile, will hopefully drive your business. Maybe even in the future, looking to add your LinkedIn profile to the QR code.

QR Code Wristbands

These can be branded with your logo on the wristbands. Print with your logo and QR code going directly to your website. Available in a wide range of silicone colours. Allow 4-5 weeks delivery time and 1,000 pieces minimum order.



Temporary Tattoo


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