Effective Selection Process for Merch

Key Points in the Selection Process for Merch

  1. Quality Level (Low/Medium/High): The level of quality is in direct relationship to the campaign budget and the plan reach you require with Effective Selection Process for Merch. A low/medium/high price point for a promotional item can all be effective at reaching your target audience and depends on the amount of people you need to reach. As an example, high quality product with a value above $20 may be targeted at your top 5-10% of your customer base.


Custom Shaped Webcam Cover


Custom USB Flash Drive – Made into any shape or logo


Torch Lamp Speaker

2. Appropriateness of the product to your target audience

Consideration must be given to the suitability a promotional product to your target audience with Effective Selection Process for Merch. The budget will be wasted if product selection doesn’t match the expectation of your customer. A product with excessive packaging and no environmental or sustainable benefit maybe totally inappropriate to a Millennial customer base as an Eco benefit is important to this group of customers.

Picnic Gift Pack

Home Entertainment Gift Pack

Personal Travelling Gift Pack

3. Usefulness: The promotional product needs to be useful to the customer and a simple test is to avoid gimmick products and answer the question “Is this product useful to your target audience an will they keep the product for a long period of time” and technology promotional products are some products int he greatest demand. When you decide to give free products, make certain that they can be used in the real scenario.

A study was conducted recently, the seven items were shown to each respondent for the survey, and the participants spent a median of 12.7 seconds providing their input to the survey question. The survey was conducted online (Google) and achieved 14,161 views. The mix between male (53.2%) and female (4.6%) respondents was biased against general AU internet population data by 2.2% and -2.2% respectively.

  • Promotional USB – 25.5%
  • Promotional Pens – 24.6%
  • Promotional Bags – 12.2%
  • Promotional stubby holders, mugs, bottles – 9.9%
  • Promotional umbrellas – 9.2%
  • Promotional caps and balls – 7.1%
  • Promotional key rings – 6.3%
  • Promotional stress shapes products – 5.2%

The analysis below shows that women have chosen the promotional bags twice as much compared to men.

Geographically promotional USB is the favourite promotional item

4. A Brand Reminder Product with “Call to Action”

If Effective Selection Process for Merch is the type of promotional item is that type of brand reminder then the branding area needs to have a “call to action” with a phone number or website. The promotional item needs to like a business card as a desk accessory such as a desk pad or notebook with custom printing about your business, industry tips, fun facts, key industry dates and useful information along with your website QR code.

Generate Sales – Free Gift with Purchase

Devise your campaign as a “Gift with Purchase” or create a dealer incentive to use the promotional product as a device to generate more sales and avoid product discounting. The feeling that you need to do something because of what someone else has done for you. The promotional item needs to be appealing to the target audience a accessory such as whiskey glasses included in the price of the sale of a bottle of whiskey. So, the promotional product selection needs to be limited edition product to motivate the customer as a great special offer.

6. Create Repeat Business and Customer Loyalty

Promotional gifts can increase in the chances of your customer choosing to do business with you over your competitors. A simple system is to include a lolly pop or a packet of jellybeans in the box of every order. Often building customer loyalty and it can be done with something simple. Engage with a potential or current client or customer rather than offering a free gift. To build a good relationship, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends, family, or colleagues.

Technology Promotional Products

  1. Usefulness has always been one of the keys to a successful promotional product and are some products in greatest demand.
  2. Charger-or mobile power bank for example. 87% of consumers state they would keep a promotional power bank because it’s useful, and 60% said they would do business with an advertiser who gave them a power bank.
  3. New Tech products accessories are constantly being invented, with portable Bluetooth, wireless audio equipment that is transforming the way marketers think about technology promotional products.
  4. Latest Tech swag and cool gadgets – When you’re looking for new ideas for event swag, it is a valuable marketing tool and becomes a constant reminder of your brand because the swag is well received by the customer.

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