Promo Items to Segment your Customer Base

Promo Items to Segment your Customer Base can be effective in reaching out to your customers.

  • If you want to generate sales, you must invest in marketing and by using promotional products as an incentive as it can increase your sales i.e. Gift with Purchase.
  • Promo merchandise is a strategy to segment your customer base by offering different promotional products to separate groups ie. Carpenter pencils to the trade group and scale rule to architects.
  • 55% of people keep promotional products for over a year and that’s great exposure for your brand or convert prospects into loyal customers.
  • Another segmentation is by local marketing within a geographic region by promoting a franchise group name and local but use of a promotional item with a branch name and address. Promote the local factor on printed material with well known logo, but reinforce local person or team.

How to divide the customer base into market segments

  • Promo Items to Segment your Customer Base are a market segment represents a group of consumers with common interests and the segment is unique, based on the particular group’s demographics, interests, habits, traits and behaviours.
  • Promotional products allow a company to segment its customer base and work upon targeted promotional strategies. This allows different promotional products used to direct messages to different customer bases.
  • Using market segmentation, identify common groups in a market:
    • Type of work performed
    • Type of Industry
    • Job title i.e. owner/Partner/member/employee
    • Location city/suburb/region
    • And many more

Demographics Segment

  • This common segmentation approach based around customer habits and lifestyle choices within a segment
  • For example, using promotional products based on age as younger consumers might have very different needs to senior citizens. Income levels such highly affluent individuals may not want the same pricing as unpaid employees

Geographic Differentiation by locally

  • People identify with their suburb or region are very proudly from the location and they wish to do business with companies who brand themselves from that location town/city/state/region/suburb.
  • Identifying individual traits and differentiating them from the other groups is essential for market segmentation by using branding on promotional product to identify that location.

Consumer Behaviour Segment – Promo Items to Segment your Customer Base

  • Divide your consumer on the basis of their behaviour, usage of products decision-marking patterns behaviour of your target audience. I.e. price shopper’s vs up market consumers.
  • Marketers want to personalise their target segments and come up with promotions that speak to their emotions. I.e. use of personal names and products uses i.e. this product is made of biodegradable material.

6. Types of Segments in your customer Base

  • Tradies Products
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Freight/Transport
  • Retirement/Seniors
  • Fitness

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