Concept Development Of Branding

The objective of Concept Development Of Branding is to present a series of steps that every professional promotional product company must undertake to successfully deliver the campaign and ensure the customer is satisfied with final results. Attracting new customers with Promotional products will cost you must less than other forms of advertising and your message will stay with your customers for many years to come.

The steps include design, branding, conceptalisation of the campaign and complete logistic plan. The vision and consistency with other brand values is reflected in the campaign and compatibility to the client’s target audience.

Ensure you use quality material in Concept Development Of Branding is noticing the purpose you want to achieve through your promotional products. Personalise the promotional item as this can make the product three times more appealing to the recipient. Measure ROI, with the value and effect of your promotional items campaign in terms of incentive or reward to your customers on your pre-set criteria.

What are the key Steps in Concept Development of brand Merchandise?

  1. The Brief: To gain a full understanding of the requirements in the brief and target audience.
  2. Present latest concepts: Complete a presentation of the latest promotional products ideas, options and samples.
  3. Brand: Make the item unique with brand features: Make the customer’s brand at the centre and development of brand features in the concept development.
  4. Design: Product Mock-up visuals: We’ll present mock-ups of product and visual demonstration of “look n feel” of the concept.
  5. Demonstration: Present a range of Options. We’ll show you the product range and will work with what is used in the campaign.
  6. Build in theme line and Call to action: Each product concept will incorporate the brand colours and bring the campaign to life. We’ll incorporate customer theme and website as a call to action with the concept.
  7. Timeline: The timetable will be considered from the beginning to ensure there is adequate time to complete sampling, testing, distribution, approval period, production and extra time as required.
  8. Develop packaging: Great packaging can sell the product and is fundamental to development of the concept for ease of use and to stand out with exceptional branding.
  9. Distribution and logistics: The brief will outline distribution requirements to customer’s branches as special kits as required nationally. When the products are produced overseas, we allow for factory inspections and product testing in addition to requirements of freight forwarding through the ports.
  10. Present Final Concept: We’ll bring the final concept together with an outstanding unique and product recommendation + Visual presentation + Call to Action + Budget + Logistic Plan + review process of ROI.

Steps in Designing Custom made Artwork

Compare a physical sample and adapt to suit your brand

Find a product a retail store and develop your ideas into a custom product. Ensure that you choose a product that suits your brand, motto, and the environment the promotional item will be used in the marketplace. A simple example is a plush toy where you design a custom made uniform with your branding to suit the plush character.

Use a design tool to match the colours of the products with your logo

The design tool will allow you to position the image to your preference with Products to come in different colours, materials, and sizes when looking into Concept Development Of Branding. Compare the artwork with a physical sample to get the best results. Upload your company logo onto your product using the site’s design tool.

Use a creative design to develop the artwork

Request a product template from Value Added Promotions with all product specifications to add your logo and text to the product mock-up. Templates are available at no cost and show the exact product measurements to allow you to position your logo in the most prominent position.

Add your Specific text and call to action text to the artwork

Your company logo should appear in the template and save as PDF file and the correct font. Your contact details or call to action message such as phone number, email address, website, should be added underneath in a smaller font size.

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