Australian Made Merch due to Covid-19

Locally manufactured promotional products in Australia are experiencing a revival and resurgence during the coronavirus pandemic. Widespread shutdown of global supply chains caused by COVID-19 has been good news for the local industry which has enabled Australian Made Merch due to Covid-19 pandemic. Distribution chains gaps and decreased supply from China, combined with a lower valued Australian dollar. Short delivery times locally and reliability of the product have created an opportunity for local manufacturers to provide products to Australian.

A Roy Morgan survey found that 90% of Australians would be more likely to purchase product if it had been manufactured in Australia. China is now back is now back on its feet as a manufacturing powerhouse however the virus has exposed the vulnerability of the supply chain. Marketers can send a positive message of support to the Australian Manufacturers and help to establish a point of difference with consumers that high quality products are produced locally.

Local suppliers have said demand is currently outpacing the demand for imported goods during the pandemic. Ethical Clothing Australia say the voluntary accreditation program maps a business’s supply chain to protect the rights of Australian factory and home-based workers due to the Australian Made Merch due to Covid-19.

Australian Made-Clothing

The specialised locally made clothing ranges such as yarn cool dry sublimated Polo shirts and fitted Ladies Polo shirts have been popular.

Sports Bottles

Australian-Made drink bottle manufacturers to incorporate this technology for the sports bottle market and lifestyle bottles range popular in the work from home era.

Metal Products – Badges, Belt Buckles, Pewter Products

Custom decorations and Made-in-Australia metal products make outstanding corporate gifts with a variety of base plates such as Nickel, Satin, and Pewter. Other products include school badges, coins, medallions, jewellery, plaques and golf products.


Australian made chocolate bars, Microwave popcorn on Chocolate Spoons. Locally Printed Australian made products.

Advertising Material

Think of Australian made advertising material for your next campaign. Include, magnetic calendars, Admats, Bar Runner, Reinforced Rulers, Coasters, Sun Visors, Magnet Clips, Magnetic Whiteboards, Button Badges, Mouse and Counter Mats, Banners, Door hangers and many more.

Key Rings and Frisbees

We manufacture several products in our Australia plant allowing us rapid delivery times for custom printing with “Australian made” quality.


Coffee cups, enviro friendly range, polycarbonate range and tritian range

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