Social Media Drives Awareness Using Merch

Set up a low-barrier contest on your social media platform as a simple way of creating brand awareness. Use merch with your connections for prize winners, to make it easy to enter and ensure participants have to do very little to enter. We would recommend aiming for highest engagement from your connections. Facebook contests garner an average of 30-35% new customers per campaign If you’re just starting out on contests, we would recommend this route. Your brand will get more followers if you offer cool promo items as a prize in a contest and drive more traffic to your website.

Set Up Your Social Contest

Set up the objective of the contest and outcome

  • Social media photo best run-on Instagram and look to gather user created content.
  • Grow your following and ask for likes to enter the contest.
  • Another contest is growing your reach and brand awareness by asking entrants to tag themselves and offer randomised prize draws.
  • Increase awareness for your brand and reach new audiences.
  • Alternatively, you could increase leads on your mailing list by asking for more people to sign -up to your landing page with prize incentive.
  • Set-up Merchandise Prizes and Budget

Establish a budget for merchandise prizes and advertising costs to promote the contest. The prize budget must include the delivery cost to winners and the selection of prizes should be based on an economical size and weight for postage along with a tracking system to ensure the prize arrives safely. 

  • Set-up Contest rules

Under the rules and guidelines in running a contest. Most of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have full guidelines the operation of the contest.

  • Commence the Contest

Run Ads to support the launch of the contest. Announce the commencement and closing date and time. Use all forms of media at your disposal to generate awareness of the contest such as your newsletter, send an e-mail blast and promote the contest on your main web site. Finally, when the contest has concluded, publise the winners and mail out prizes to winners.

  • Measure Results

Did you achieve your initial objective? and measure numbers to your platform under the criteria you originally set-up. A milestone could be achieving 25% increase to your Instagram followers or increase 10,000 people on your mailing list.

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