Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

Make a Memorable Customer Experience with a Promo Item.

  1. So, start telling a story and create an emotional connection to your customers. Promotional merchandise is the best way to make your customer feel valued and important and by creating a unique product I’ll maximum ROI with your customers by following six (6) simple steps.
  2. Promotional items bring strong client retention and loyalty to your brand profile. They help give the brand more personality and innovative will create a more significant impact on the target audience.
  3. The Power of Promotional products is having a strong Creative Message and making the products more memorable. The product itself needs to have a creative story, that would stay with the recipient long after the item was used and kept for many more years.

6 Simple Steps in telling a creative story with a product.

1.    Create a story around the product to grab and hold prospects attention, you need to establish what’s at stake. You need to show prospects that you intimately understand their situation and know exactly the product unique or what features relate to the customer.

2.    Understand why customers uses your product. Your customers are your best resource for getting to the heart of your products value. That is, what problem do customers solve with your product? And what makes your product the right solution for the job? what motivations them.

3. Create an emotional connection with your customers. The phrase it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it? The best customer experiences are achieved when a member of your team creates an emotional connection with a customer. Customers become loyal because they are emotionally attached, and they remember how they feel when they use a promotional product. A business that optimises for an emotional connection growth. Customers are less likely to shop around and much less price sensitive.

4. Select a theme for your marketing campaign, select a promotional product that complement the campaign to have a stronger impact on your customers. For example, A Hawaiian-themed promotional products like a bottle of sunscreen branded with messaging about the event, a coconut tagged with a miniature brochure and a beach bag stuffed with fliers about the campaign. Select a theme for your marketing campaign, select a promotional product that complement the campaign to have a stronger impact on your customers. For example, A Hawaiian-themed promotional products like a bottle of sunscreen branded with messaging about the event, a coconut tagged with a miniature brochure and a beach bag stuffed with fliers about the campaign.

5. Talk about a unique product feature and engage the customer with a story the product Once you get started telling your product story, the secret to good storytelling is consistency. You need to tell the same story repeatedly to be heard. The mission is to make business personal again .Tell their story in blog posts, on landing pages, at live events, and elsewhere. While they might repackage ideas for different mediums, the core message stays the same.

6. Find creative Promotional products provide a great way for companies to make an emotional connection with their audience, when a company gives a branded product to their customers, it not only makes them feel valued and important, but it also demonstrates that you see them as a human being and more than another sale. Make sure products are useful to your target audience will use when selecting promo items.

How to Create that Memorable Customer Experience

1.Create a Wow Moments

Meeting customer expectations is a must but exceeding them and putting in the extra effort to create “wow” moments helps set yourself apart from the competition. “wow” moments are small details based on an amazing bit of customer service. Providing same-day delivery, performing spontaneous acts of kindness, and finding innovative on-the-spot solutions such as unique promotional items from the list below.

2. Create engagement and Customer Experience That Stimulate Positive Feelings

Positive brand associations from consumers are all important because negative emotions can permanently jeopardise the customer relationship. Despite greater automation and a shift to self-service, emotion as business is still made up from humans and feelings. Businesses need to understand that customers feel appreciated when they receive updates and proactive communications on the channel of their choice. Look for trigger moments at one-to one customer meetings, invitations to chat, applicable to that customer.

3. Consistency of Core Values Through Teamwork and touchpoints.

If all team are committed to providing great customer experience, they must be fully grounded in the organisation’s core values. All the good work can be undone in the eyes of the customer if a member of the team fails to meet expectation. This is from the initial commencement of business, across all touch points, departments, contact to the delivery of goods the company’s values must be aligned to deliver timely. This culture should revolve around pride in helping customers win. The service needs to be personalised, expert service that inspires brand loyalty for each customer.

4. Adopt Key Phrases That Resonate with Customers

Develop scripts to help the team tailor the tone and the content of their interaction to the nature of the enquiry and the customer making it. LEGO find that the phrase “Happy building” works well as a sign-off for enquiries about buying new building sets. By listening closely to customers over time, what words and phrases resonate with them and can use these to build rapport to make every interaction a memorable one.

5. Get the Fundamentals Right

Lack of good customer service can equal poor business performance. Therefore, getting the fundamentals correct, such as ensuring communication with customer is clear and easy to understand. This means that information given by the customer over the phone is safe and free of confusion to ensure ideal customer journey is how you can create memorable experiences.

6. Be Proactive and ask for Customer feedback.

Always ask for customer feedback negative and positive to create a truly memorable experience. For example, have an automated feedback form after every item of business is completed with a proactive message. This system should be flexible if the customer’s experience is going below a minimum and process can be changed.

Making customer information instantaneous helps deal directly with the issue at hand and gives organisations enough data to think about being more proactive. This includes simplifying customer information and channels into one simple unified interface with an immediate phone call or email thanking customers for their thoughts and offering help can solve a short-term problem and build long-term trust.

Here are (8) Memorable Promo Items to Enhance the Customer Experience

  1. Designer Lip Balm: Made Memorial: This product has sunscreen protectant and available in seven tropical flavours. Lip balm helps in the healing and prevention of dry, chapped, sun and wind burned lips. Full colour digital label is placed directly on the tube for example, Beeswax has a peppermint flavour.

Make it Memorial.

  1. Personalise-Add in Variable-data printing (VDP) and digital print customer names or unique numbers onto the lip balm to run a competition. For example, a set of labels, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name on each label.
  2. Package in a new Cases: Lip balm shapes include ball, smart square case, or pencil Cylinder.
  3. Offer Unique Flavours: Vanilla, Mint, Tangerine, Coconut, Beeswax, Lime, or watermelon

2. Designer Sunglasses

This product Sunglasses with UV400 protection of classic design, with translucent frame, Matching colour lenses. Classic style FRONTIERE sunglasses by JEAN-LOUIS SCHERRER are unisex and add a classy touch to any outfit. UV400 protection certificate, Weight 35 grams. Lightweight, they are presented in a beautiful hard black rubber case.

Make it Memorial.

  1. Animal Design on Frame-Leopard Skin designs stands out, with natural animal print design, sure to be eye catching.
  2. Compact foldable Glasses: foldaway frames and black case included.
  3. Bonus add-on: Neoprene Strap included in price.

3. Designer Plants and Grow your Business.

This product is unique full colour print to the outer and inner packaging and choice of seed variety from our website. Growing instructions, common name, botanical name and expected germination time of seeds appear on all our products. The Bio Pot the corn-starch miniport is made using biodegradable material that breaks down when composted. The compressed peat pellet and 5 seeded sticks are contained within the miniport inside its own printed box. It is a perfect little gift All our printing uses soy and vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled board with a gloss or matte finish.

Make it Memorable

  1. Seed sticks-Select a plant variety, Viola, Carnation, Poppy, Snapdragon, English Daisy, Forget Me Not, Love in a mist, Petunia over 20 Plant Varieties, you’re your own theme.
  2. Seedpods: Create a Large Advertising message on the printed backing card.
  3. Bio pot: Select an Herb, Native Plant or Vegetable and create your own name to see your customers business Grow.

4. Massagers-Reduce Stress

This product allows recover from a tough workout or long day of work. A massager with an ergonomic design simply rolls the massager over the muscle for quick and easy relief.

Make it Memorial.

  1. Head Massager -Rake your Head with Massager back and forth over your head and feel the stress melt away.
  2. Roller Ball Massager: Take a break from your work and relax.
  3. Pocket Massager: This pocket massager promotes wellness by giving you better quality break. Whether used on yourself or on someone else, it is a great way to sooth your tired muscles after a long day.

5. Safety Health and Wellness Items

All our health care gifts, and safety promotional items and these products will help your safety at home or at work. Innovative safety Bluetooth gadgets can help with reminders and alarms while exercising.

Make it Memorial.

  1. Water Hydration Reminder If you forget to drink, smart detection sensors remind you via a flashing LED (no sound) to hydrate.
  2. Safety Light: LED light with Magnetic clip deal for runners, commuter bikers, campers.
  3. Safety Alarm A gadget emergency siren alarm, a GPS that tracks your tag’s location, camera remote and voice recording.

6. Fun Phone Items

Silicone Speaker is designed acoustic funnel boost your sound to up to 3 times as loud Fits iPhone models 5, 5s, 6, and 6s. Computer or phone screen wipes made portable with the filament significantly thinner than ordinary cleaning cloths. Also, Aluminium mobile phone holder and wooden phone holder cage, including USB ports and lock with two small keys.

Make it Memorial.

  1. Silicone iPhone Speaker: Light portable speaker that does not need batteries.
  2. Custom Phone wipes: Microfibre cloth with full colour design, designed to clean phone screen.
  3. Phone Cage: Now you can have a meeting without people being distracted by constantly checking their phone for messages.

7. Compact Mirrors/Beauty Items

All our beauty care gifts, Compact mirror with automatic built-in light feature with silver casting. Next, our pocket mirror with brush plastic foldable pocket mirror and brush. Finally, Computer Mirror Memo Holder designed to hold memos at eye level.

Make it Memorable.

1. Compact light Mirror -Best budget compact travel mirror, and it makes midday or mid-flight check-ins super easy, and it puts out a nice soft glow.

2. Pocket mirror with brush: Purse Car Camping Compact 2 Pieces Folding Travel mirror hairbrushes round folding pocket hairbrush mini hair comb compact travel size hair massage comb for women and girls.

3. Mirror memo Holder Take a closer look at this handy promotional item. Perfect for makeup touch-ups, contact wearers and computer users, this computer mirror holder is a great way to make sure important documents are close by during daily business practices. The mirror is an also handy for ensuring nothing is in your teeth before the big meeting.

8. Hand Sanitiser Pocket Packs

Protect you and yourself from Covid-19. They help to kill bacteria and most viruses and have the following benefits quicker than washing hands. Advertising along with the health blogs or posting health-related blogs on your eCommerce platform and using the SEO tools can significantly help bring the customers to visit your website and know about your hand sanitiser product.

Make It Memorable

Travel plastic clear bottles pocket hand sanitiser Bottle refillable bottle with keychain holder or clip on purse. Hand sanitiser in the car, wallet, gym bag, and great hand sanitiser holder for backpack.Flat spray bottle clear plastic spray bottles refillable spray bottles for hand sanitiser portable hand sprays liquid, spray.

  1. Hand Sanitiser Spray Card
  2. Hand Sanitiser Ethyl-Alcohol
  3. Mini Hand Sanitiser Holder

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