Story Telling in Marketing

We’re all storytellers, from musicians to marketers and actors to accountants, but how do you get your story to stand out from the crowd? How do you fully engage an audience? How do you guarantee that your story is the one they remember?

In his talk, Strother Gaines speaks on the power of immersive storytelling and shows that when we engage our audience in the story and give them a role to play, they can become fully immersed in our narrative. When you involve the audience in your story, the difference is transformative. Even if it’s just one single word, when people are a part of the story, the story becomes a part of them. Strother is a speaker, trainer, and coach for creative entrepreneurs and those who want to become one.

What Is Brand Storytelling and Why Does it Matter?

At their most basic level, brand stories are your unique connection to your audience.

What starts out as a series of facts can eventually yield larger narratives that grab the reader’s attention. But figuring out how to tell branded stories can be difficult. It may take a little brainstorming to find where the story lies within the facts.

Before you begin, outline some baseline facts about your business. The deeper you dive into this exercise; the more ideas will float to the top.

  1. Who you are: How did your company come to exist? What are your company’s vision, mission, values, and culture? What kind of people typically work at your company?
  2. What you do: What is the product or service that you provide? What kind of interactions with customers (or the public) does providing that product or service create? How has that led to lessons learned?
  3. Who you do it for: Who do you help? Case studies and customer success stories make for very powerful brand storytelling content. They can aid in connecting the dots for potential customers and guide them to see how you can assist them in the same way that you have helped others.
  4. Why you do what you do: What is your larger goal? What led to your company to offer the products and services it does? What are the benefits to your customer?
  5. Where you are headed: What is next? Is your product going to evolve and change? Will you be broadening the type of customers that you help? Is your company philosophy or vision going through a change?

Great Storytelling works and Brand Marketing Matters

  1. Great storytelling works within brand marketing because it allows consumers to get to know a brand’s personality, authenticity, and values.
  2. Consumers who had a relationship with a specific brand did so because of shared values. Marketers can promote a company’s authenticity through branded storytelling, it can help consumers trust that company and develop a long-lasting relationship.
  3. Brand marketing relied on the word-of-mouth of consumers or newspaper ads to promote available products, but the invention of the radio and later television allowed for companies to advertise products to larger audiences and a brand narrative and promoting it through storytelling.

Steps in Marketing Story Telling

  1. Define your core message and focus on the main point.
  2. Develop the type of story that you will tell, build emotion into the story, and show the audience to act.
  3. Educate the audience by passing on knowledge and build in a “Call to action” statement.
  4. Finally, demonstrate how to solve a problem, introduce a relatable character, and find resolution.

Here’s some brand storytelling and themes

  1. Summer, beach, and outdoor activities
  2. Winter activities to keep warm
  3. Children and school activities
  4. Cars and auto related
  5. Fitness and employee wellness programs
  6. Beauty Products for the body and mind.
  7. Kitchen and home cooking
  8. Safety and Workplace programs

1. Summer Stories

Make the most of summer with some fun promotion ideas. Use some of these promotion ideas and best practices to rev up your business this summer. Everyone is summer activity and BBQ tools, aprons, coolers, and foldable outdoor chairs are creative ideas for your summer promotion. Promote your brand with promotional dry bag when you go boating, the amazing pagoda fold-up stool, or Colour changing Sunglasses. Take advantage of all the summer fun or whether it’s a barbecue at the park, a day lounging on a towel at the beach, going to the pool, the long hot summer is full of opportunities to promote your brand.

2. Winter Stories

It may be freezing outside, but things are about to heat up and try winter promotional activity to freeze out your competition. The winter is the still one of the most wonderful time of the year – for custom promotional merchandise can have a special impact as seasons are changing. In winter it maybe, picnics at the park with the latest fleece blanket playing golf with a roll-up puffer jacket that fits neatly into your golf bag. Finally, you go on long walks with friends, hiking, skiing, watching the kids ride their scooters think about the new scarf and beanie set. There are many stories around winter with promotional activities that are perfect to pack for any winter escape, and you’ll need through the autumn leaves, or enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee.

3. Kids Stories

Children and teens spend a lot of time in multi-tasking process, TV, videogames, and there are plenty of stories, with back -to-school and activities for kids during lockdown while parents work from home. If you looking for a creative way to put your brand in the spotlight with a successful youth-based promotions? You’ll get plenty of attention from the customers most important to you when you give creative There are numerous possible stories around promotional items for suitable for creative kids including new products such as crazy putty, activities around the bubble blower or create a story for the mop top pen character. Many of these items for kids are under $2 and   We offer free samples to your business address, free virtual proofs & free consultation. Advertising influences children and teenagers.

4. Auto Stories

When it comes to automobiles, you want to sell safe and reliable vehicles. Whether they are looking for a new car or just getting their car serviced, there are ample opportunities to offer them branded promotional items. Nothing gets attention like a Car Chamois which is used by every car owner each time they wash the car. In additional, Car storage holder prevents loose items, and a tyre pressure gauge is a useful tool to avoid tyre punctures. These products when selling new cars through a dealership, service centres and auto related products. All these promotional items can be fully Customised car products are ideal for a range of marketing campaigns in the automobile industry. There are plenty stories written around useful car related products and perfect opportunity to effectively promote to the motor vehicle sector.

5. Fitness Stories

Gyms are encouraging team-based employee wellness programs can improve productivity at work, increase employee engagement. All the while, helping employees stay active and healthy. Giving those participating in these programs swag as incentive can be a big help. Promotional items can be offered to someone when they join a gym, signs up for a wellness program Another idea would be to have weekly or monthly giveaways of nicer or more expensive items to entice your customers or employees. A multi-function fitness watch with your business’s logo is always a great option to monitor your fitness progress and wear during workouts. Other ideal promotional items include fitness bands to exercise bands, yoga mats, exercise full colour fitness towels and home exercise-related products. These items are a fitness promotional products powerful tool to promote health and wellbeing amongst their employees and clients.

6. Health and Beauty Stories

There are so many great health and wellness promotional products to calm the body and mind. The health and wellness industry are a growth, any swag you offer needs to adhere to sustainability goals. health and wellness swag are a versatile and affordable advertising tool to attract customers, generate referrals, welcome and reward customers. A high quality branded promotional health & beauty product is a constant and on-going brand reminder. We have selected several highly popular products such as a custom cosmetic bag made of unbleached natural cotton canvas. Another popular item is yoga gel bead hot and cold pack for a therapy and relaxing massage. Another great item is folding nail file with hard case foldable nail file in clear pouch to be compact and easy to use. So, using health and wellness swag to connect with your target audience is a smart choice. These days wellness swag is as much about face shields and hand sanitizer as it is about emery boards and essential oils.

7. Kitchen Stories

Everyone is spending more time in their kitchens in recent times and home related promotional items are big part of everyone’s lives. The right promotional kitchen gadgets and utensils to make life easier around fresh foods, sustainability cooking, pure culinary of home-grown products as we think kitchen gadgets to make our lives easier. We have selected a few top sellers of promotional kitchenware such as the easy-to-use Pepper & Saltshaker, or Full colour bib kitchen apron which allows for any custom designer print or the sustainable lunch box with bamboo lid which reduces packaging going into the waste stream. We’re all eating at home a lot more these days and so contact us to recommend the latest cooking related gadgets that are fresh on the market.

8. Safety Stories

Create an effective employee safety reward program, communicated to everyone, build a reward component into the safety program., recognise and thank employees for participating in safety Using spot recognition rewards. Reward employees for safety and celebrate safety success. Workplace safety program with our safety reminders and incentives. Make safety your priority and remind your staff during safety Month. We have a huge selection of workplace safety promotional items and safety award gifts will help encourage your staff to stay safe at work and at home. These include a unique hard hat keyring with a bright LED light as a reminder of safety programs, include a great reward prize Multifunctional Emergency Safety Hammer, or a Working Running Reflective Stripes Safety Vest when your team is out exercising. It’s time to start planning your annual workforce safety event and spreading the word about an important safety issue in your community.

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