Online Marketing Campaign Tips using the Latest Merch

An On-line digital marketing campaign is designed to drive engagement, conversions, traffic, or revenue. The company will use social media platforms for contests, marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and content marketing to reach their audience. This is very different to traditional Marketing campaigns that relies on offline strategies, including direct sales, direct mail ,postcards, brochures, letters, fliers, tradeshows, print advertising ,magazines, newspapers, coupon books, billboards, radio, andContinue reading “Online Marketing Campaign Tips using the Latest Merch”

Social Media Drives Brand Awareness Using Merch

Set up a low-barrier contest on your social media platform as a simple way of creating brand awareness. Use merch with your connections for prize winners, to make it easy to enter and ensure participants have to do very little to enter. We would recommend aiming for highest engagement from your connections. Facebook contests garnerContinue reading “Social Media Drives Brand Awareness Using Merch”

Smart Marketing During Covid-19

There is no avoiding the current focus on the global pandemic (Covid-19). Constant reminders are everywhere – the television, newspapers and even our own daily dinner table discussions. The effect of Covid-19 is being felt at all levels of business – big, small and everywhere in between. In tough times the promotional products industry canContinue reading “Smart Marketing During Covid-19”

Australian Made Merch Revival due to Covid-19

Locally manufactured promotional products in Australia are experiencing a revival and resurgence during the coronavirus pandemic. Widespread shutdown of global supply chains caused by COVID-19 has been good news for the local industry. Distribution chains gaps and decreased supply from China, combined with a lower valued Australian dollar. Short delivery times locally and reliability ofContinue reading “Australian Made Merch Revival due to Covid-19”

Customer Retention with Branded Merchandise

We all want our customers to be loyal for life. However, you are kidding yourself, if we think all clients are 100% loyal, but with every business there are certainly some customers that are totally loyal. Customer Loyalty can be built using branded merchandise Most businesses are facing the same challenge. Less time, less moneyContinue reading “Customer Retention with Branded Merchandise”

Latest Trends in Lifestyle Products

What are Lifestyle Products? Lifestyle products make you feel good about yourself and they are often described as luxury or designer items. Today’s consumers want to engage in experiences with brands and products on an emotional level with feelings about a lifestyle. Lifestyle product category is made up of entertainment, healthy, living, leisure, homewares, andContinue reading “Latest Trends in Lifestyle Products”

How to Segment your Customer Base using Promo Items

Promotional Products can Effectively segment your customer base. If you want to generate sales, you must invest in marketing and by using promotional products as an incentive as it can increase your sales i.e. Gift with Purchase. Promo merchandise is a strategy to segment your customer base by offering different promotional products to separate groupsContinue reading “How to Segment your Customer Base using Promo Items”

Effective Selection Process for Merch

Key Points in the Selection Process for Merch Quality Level (Low/Medium/High): The level of quality is in direct relationship to the campaign budget and the plan reach you require. A low/medium/high price point for a promotional item can all be effective at reaching your target audience and depends on the amount of people you needContinue reading “Effective Selection Process for Merch”

Key Steps in Concept Development Of Branded Merchandise

The objective of concept development is to present a series of steps that every professional promotional product company must undertake to successfully deliver the campaign and ensure the customer is satisfied with final results. Attracting new customers with Promotional products will cost you must less than other forms of advertising and your message will stayContinue reading “Key Steps in Concept Development Of Branded Merchandise”

Health & Wellness

Why build a workplace Health and Wellness culture? During a Covid-19 year, it’s increasingly important to reduce stress at work and improve employee retention with a great health and wellness culture. Your workplace can welcome your team back from lockdown and reward healthy eating behaviours. There are various encouragement approaches, such as points can transferContinue reading “Health & Wellness”

5 Ways to use QR codes in Promotional Merchandise

The QR code has come in as a perfect way to direct customers to your website. It also can include a call to action on your promotional gifts, this is one excellent way of adding digital content on them. Adding a QR code so when a product is scanned, the code directly contacts your businessContinue reading “5 Ways to use QR codes in Promotional Merchandise”

Honey Products

Think Honey Promo Products. Save the Bees. Bees are essential for a healthy environment and healthy economy. Customers buzzing about your brand whilst raising awareness about the declining bee population with promotional bee products. Save Bees with Promotional Products Get your customers buzzing about your brand and raise awareness about the declining bee population withContinue reading “Honey Products”

Workout from Home – Mouse Mats

Why not create a home or office fitness routine during Covid-19 and work out while working from home? Your work out plan can be printed onto a mouse mat with all the exercises. Mouse pads; stretch, gym, fitness, aerobic strength and body shaping exercises. Some of the ideas include; Aerobics, flexibility, balance workouts, strength andContinue reading “Workout from Home – Mouse Mats”

Ultra Slim Wireless Mouse

Ultra slim wireless mouse, great for working from home or travelling and being on the go, it’s lighter and now is a wheat bio-degradable version and with a nano receiver. RF wireless mouse with nano receiver, built in rechargeable battery, buttons left, right, scroll buttons, transmission Distance: up to 7m, 1200DPI, wireless transmission mode. WithContinue reading “Ultra Slim Wireless Mouse”

Design your own Reusable Facemask

Wearing a face mask is one of the simplest ways to help reduce or to slow the spread of COVID 19, protect your loved ones and community. Face masks recommended by Australian Government use in areas of high transmission and mandatory for people in Melbourne and Mitchell shires. Therefore why not design your own customContinue reading “Design your own Reusable Facemask”

Shoe Clips – Night Exercise – Work from Home

Safer exercising at Nighttime with Glowing LED Shoe Clip Lights and you can make it fun on a night run. Outdoor visibility shoe clip with on/off power button for blinking or steady mode. Easily clips to the heel of your shoe when running, cycling or walking. ABS and silicone shoe clip, with a red LEDContinue reading “Shoe Clips – Night Exercise – Work from Home”

Coloured Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are here, all new colours. Multicolours now available as only black and white before. Never seen before, match your corporate colours and one of the most popular promotional gadgets. Wireless earbuds now in a range of colours; green, blue, pink, red, navy blue, and black. The new coloured cases of wireless BluetoothContinue reading “Coloured Wireless Bluetooth Headphones”

Hydration Pack

Our hydration backpacks are designed for all outdoor activities, hiking, biking, running, kayaking, endurance, triathlons and all other activities that people who could use a hands-free water bottle experience and hydration bags replace water bottles. The Hydration Pack reduces the need to carry around canteens and perfect adventure companion for helping you to stay hydratedContinue reading “Hydration Pack”

Multifunctional Items

Multifunctional items that are a all-in-one device allows you to accomplish numerous tasks that would be impossible with a single device thereby offering convenience and great value for money. People love promos that offer maximum utility and multifunctional items that fulfilled two or more purposes. All-in-one devices allow you to accomplish numerous tasks that wouldContinue reading “Multifunctional Items”

Food Covers – Work from Home

Make a simple Eco Statement and use Reusable food pouches designed to protect sandwiches, buns, rolls, bagels, biscuits and help save the planet. Let’s eliminate cling wrap once and for all. By using cling wrap, a single-use plastic film that isn’t recyclable or biodegradable. National Geographic has estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic entersContinue reading “Food Covers – Work from Home”

Essential Oils

Busy people working from home and working around the clock will enjoy the benefits of essential oils that can assist with getting a good nights sleep. Benefits: Refreshing morning, calm day and great night Mess free, travel friendly, and perfect to carry with you 100% natural and exclusively formulated Oil roll On, Good Morning, OilContinue reading “Essential Oils”

Go Paperless

Go Paperless For business people, designers, and environmentally-friendly use LCD e-Writing & Drawing Tablet offers a unique writing experience when working from home. Use repeatedly to erase and reduce the need for sticky notes. Reduce paper waste created by shopping lists and memos with an e-memo board. Write lists and notes on the board usingContinue reading “Go Paperless”

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